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Extra Long Pads For Heavy Periods

Extra Long Pads For Heavy Periods


Zhejiang BI, as one of the most professional hygienic products producer, we take care of the needs and feelings for each woman. If our normal products can not meet your special needs for heavy flow days, we have unique extra-long sanitary pads for heavy periods. With an extra length of 320mm/410mm and a special design for high absorbency and leak-proof, our extra long maxi pads will give your a safe feeling every time of your heavy flow days.

Extra long feminine pads help you to get rid of terrible experiences like changing your pad or tampon during the night and needing to wear more than one pad at once to control your flow.

Extra Long Sanitary Pads Types

Comparison of Extra Long Pads for Heavy Periods

Femsecret 195mm Maxi Sanitary Napkins with wings,12pcs/bagFemsecret 195mm Maxi Sanitary Napkins without wings,12pcs/bagFemsecret 210mm Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins with wings,10pcs/bagFemsecret 210mm Maxi Sanitary Napkins with wings,10pcs/bagFemsecret 235mm Maxi Sanitary Napkins with wings.10pcs/bagFemsecret 235mm Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins with wings,10pcs/bagFemsecret 235mm Maxi Sanitary Napkins without wings,10pcs/bagFemsecret 280mm Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins with wings,8pcs/bagFemsecret 280mm Maxi Sanitary Napkins with wings,8pcs/bagFemsecret 320mm Extra Long Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins with wings,7pcs/bag

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Brand NameFemsecretFemsecretFemsecretFemsecretFemsecretFemsecretFemsecretFemsecretFemsecretFemsecret
TypesMaxiMaxiUltra ThinMaxiMaxiUltra ThinMaxiUltra ThinMaxiUltra Thin

Features of Extra Long Maxi Pads for Heavy Periods

  • 100% breathable materials/ cotton and soft top sheet

  • Free from Chlorine bleach , Dyes, synthetic fragrances, Lotion

  • Unique Butterfly style wings design

  • Special and beautiful embossing pattern on top cover

Extra Long Pads Reviews

A friend of mine made me discover that product when I found it on Ali baba it was a life saver so I will always have some in stock. No leak your stress free.


They're very long and wider than average on both ends. I call them pillow pads because they're quite comfy and offer security as far as protection. Handles sudden gushes great even if you have 2-3 of them before you can get to restroom.


Love how this doesn't leak at night and it stays in place.


Are very comfortable. You feel more secure of yourself. I got a lot of period and those are perfect.


If you have really heavy days these are your answer!!


Extra Long Sanitary Napkins For Heavy Periods FAQs

Are extra long pads convenient for working or sports?

Many people are concerned about whether or not extra-long sanitary napkins are suitable for work or sport, but they are. On the contrary using an extra-long sanitary napkin during ordinary work or sport gives you a more secure feeling. The extra-large fan tail gives you enough security to prevent fluid from leaking sideways. Secondly, the snug and ultra-thin design of our extended pads will not make you feel uncomfortable.

Are extra long pad suitable for day use?

It doesn't mean that the extended sanitary napkin can only be used at night, if you are a woman with heavy flow, then you should definitely try the extra-long sanitary napkin during the day. Do you have to go to the toilet for ten minutes to change your sanitary napkin because of heavy flow; do you constantly worry if your trousers are contaminated with menstrual blood, if you have similar problems, then try using an extra-long sanitary napkin during the day as well, the security it gives you can really make a difference to your whole day.

Whatever you need, we are here for you!
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