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Non Woven Sanitary Napkins

Non Woven Sanitary Napkins


Zhejiang BI, dedicated to personal hygiene and health care for decades, has always kept up with the times. We can produce both dry-covered sanitary napkins and non-woven sanitary pads. Compared with dry cover ones, non-woven sanitary napkins are more comfortable and less likely to cause allergy to our skin. Nearly 90% of our products are non-woven sanitary pads, we produce good products from the origin of the raw material chosen. Here are our non-woven sanitary napkins:

Non Woven Sanitary Pads Types

Non-Woven Sanitary Napkins Features

When we purchase sanitary napkins, Bi believes most of us will choose cotton or non-woven sanitary napkins. So What’s the advantage of non-woven sanitary napkins? Compared with dry-covered sanitary napkins, non-woven sanitary pads are more comfortable and soft. Many women’s skin is very sensitive, dry cover pads may easily cause allergies and uncomfortable. Apart from its anti-allergy functions, non-woven sanitary napkins’ texture is more delicate and also with better breathability. Sanitary napkins are the daily necessities for women, and their safety and comfort must come first. Therefore, it is recommended to choose pure cotton and non-woven sanitary pads as far as possible.

Non-Woven Sanitary Napkins Specifications

Product Name

Femsecrets Super Soft Non-Woven Sanitary Napkins




Ultra Thin/Maxi

Top Sheet

Super Soft Non-Woven


Blue Anion Chip or Customized






Freely Offered


Women Monthly Period

Age Group

13-60 Years



Place of Origin

ZHE, China

non_woven_sanitary_pads.bmp   non_woven_sanitary_pads.png

Non-Woven Sanitary Pads Safety

Non-woven sanitary napkins are one kind of category of absorbent hygiene products. For millions of individuals, absorbent hygiene products have significantly improved their quality of life and skin health. Non-woven its softness, smoothness, leakage prevention, strength, and protection are advantageous to consumers of absorbent hygiene products.

But there are also some people deem it unsafe to use non-woven pads. Some misunderstandings centre on the composition and manufacturing processes of non-woven sanitary napkins. The truth is that these products are created from raw materials like polyester, which is used in clothing and athletic gear, and cellulose pulp, the same material that is used to make paper.

To guarantee the highest hygiene requirements are reached, our raw materials are chosen based on strict quality criteria. During production, robust quality control systems and good manufacturing practices are in place. Therefore, you can always trust our products.

Non Woven Sanitary Pads Review

The top sheet is very comfortable, I love the soft feeling of this extra large pad for periods.

non woven sanitary napkins

The packaging was great and valuable for my money. Will definitely buy these extra long sanitary pads again.

non woven sanitary pads
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