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Cotton Sanitary Pads

Pure Cotton Sanitary Pads for Heavy Flow


Zhejiang BI has been committed to health care and personal hygiene for decades and has always stayed current. Nowadays pure cotton sanitary pads are warmly welcomed by ladies. Full cotton sanitary pads refer to the use of pure cotton materials to make the surface layer, which makes pads excellent comfort. Zhejiang BI, dedicated to personal hygiene and health care for decades, has always kept up with the times.

Pure Cotton Sanitary Pads/Napkin Types

Pure Cotton Sanitary Pads Features

Normally sanitary napkins are mostly made of non-woven top sheets. Although this kind of material could be very soft and comfortable, pure cotton pads have the advantage of the chemicals free compared to normal hygienic sanitary pads.

Without chemicals, pure cotton sanitary napkins are undoubtedly more reassuring to use. At the same time, compared with normal sanitary napkins, pure cotton napkins for periods are also more comfortable because pure cotton material is very soft, soft to the touch.

Good permeability and absorption rate are very important criteria to judge the quality of sanitary pads. Pure cotton sanitary pads for heavy flow are excellent in both absorption rate and permeability. Since the menstrual period is more likely to lead to the breeding of bacteria, it is very important for absorption so as to avoid long-term contact between private parts and menstrual blood. Permeability of pure cotton napkins for periods can better ensure the comfort of the private placement.

Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins Specifications

Product Name

Femsecrets Pure Cotton Sanitary Pads




Ultra Thin/Maxi

Top Sheet

Super Soft Non Woven


Blue Anion Chip or Customized






Freely Offered


Women Monthly Period

Age Group

13-60 Years



Place of Origin

ZHE, China

Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins Safety

As declared, cotton feminine pads use the material cotton as the top sheet, which reduces the possibilities of chemical use in the production process at the most. Although the normally used non-woven top sheet sanitary pads also with a safety guarantee, full cotton sanitary pads offer more soft care for sensitive skin, greatly reducing irritation to the body.

The raw materials used in our pure cotton napkins for periods are carefully selected according to stringent quality standards. During production, we have implemented rigorous quality control systems and excellent manufacturing practices to ensure that the pure cotton napkins for periods meets the highest hygiene standards. After the raw materials arrive, our QC department will do a full and strict quality test on them. Pure cotton sanitary pads will be accepted by our warehouse after passing quality inspection.

Natural Cotton Pads For Period Review

So soft,I love the touching feeling of pure cotton sanitary napkin.

100 cotton feminine pads

No leakage happened when using this cotton feminine pads.

cotton napkin pads
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