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20pcs Facial Wet Wipes

Wholesale 20pcs Facial Wet Wipes Supplier


Zhejiang BI's facial wet wipes is an ultra-comfortable, non-alcoholic wipes that can remove dirt and oil from the skin, maintain the pH balance of the skin, and make your skin soft and clean.

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Specification Of 20pcs Facial Wet Wipes

Use type




Suitable age

Facial cleaning


skin cleaning, Sensitive skin cleansing


Unscented or scented



Packing quantity

5-120pcs/bag or customized

FAQ of 20pcs Facial Wet Wipes
Are you a factory or trading company?

We are original manufacturer for hygienic products.

Do you provide OEM or ODM services?

Yes, OEM and ODM are available in BI.  

What package type can we select?

Flow pack with or without lid, aluminized pack, canister, box, etc..

Except spunlace, do you have other fabrics?

Yes, you can also choose needle punched fabric, thermal-bond fabric, airlaid fabric, hot air through fabric, calender-bond fabric etc..

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