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Super Biodegradable Pads

Super Biodegradable Pads

Super Biodegradable Menstrual Pads

Super biodegradable menstrual pads is designed for heavier flow compared to the regular one. And it gets more popularity in the market both for day and night use. As the concept of"green"has been one of the most potential market elements, more and more customers choose to have their super pads updated to super biodegradable feminine pads.

Please feel free to contact us to get more information about our biodegradable napkins for periods! 

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Description Of Super Biodegradable Feminine Pads

Raw materials of super biodegradable feminine pads

  • Top sheet: Bamboo or PLA

  • Airlaid

  • Absorption paper

  • Bottom sheet: biodegradable bottom sheet

  • Siliconized paper that could be biodegraded

  • Biodegradable wrapper

Specification Of Super Biodegradable Menstrual Pads













Carton dimension


Estimated quantity in 1*40HQ





Top sheet


Tissue paper


Fluff pulp

Bottom sheet


Release paper


Individual wrapper

Details Of Super Biodegradable Napkins For Periods

Our advantage

  • Client serive one to one

  • Effective communication within 24 hours

  • New design and style collection offer to customers

Quality Control

We are FDA, ISO, SMETA, GMP certificated company. Testing from material to final products according to international standard.


We have strict traceability system, if there are any quality problems or consumer complaints, we can trace back according to our records and find the original reasons and we will make the correcting measurements to avoid the same quality issues.


Our Euro customer will come to our factory to do very strict audit every year. We will also do inner audit at least twice/year.

FAQs of Super Biodegradable Menstrual Pads
What is your delivery time?

For 1st order, the delivery time is around 45 days. For repeat order, it is around 35 days.

Do you have your own brand?

Yes, we have our own brand “Fem secret” for sanitary napkins.

What is your payment term?

By T/T payment. After receiving 30% deposit, we will arrange production for you, and the balance payment shall be against B/L copy.

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